Cowgirl | Almost there...


My very first picturebook "I Wanna Be a Cowgirl" written by Angela DiTerlizzi is coming out November 14th!

I had a great time working on this book, learned a ton during this process. I'll share some early explorations here soon, to show you how it all came about.

You can get the book HERE

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Jasmine Toguchi FREE Origami Sheet

Hey there,

As I mentioned in previous post Jasmine Toguchi Book 1 & Book 2 are launching today. Written by the incredible Debbi Michiko Florence! To celebrate the occasion I made a special Jasmine Toguchi pattern that you can color, print out, cut and FOLD! And if you've read the second book you'll know what to do with it ;-)

If you by any chance want to share your result or your own pattern or drawing SHOW ME I wanna see your creations!

Share in the comments or email me or find me any way you'd like through social media :-)

You'll find the origami sheet below.


Get your ORIGAMI sheet HERE!

Childhood Memories Daily Drawing

Hey Dearies,

I got an idea, "Childhood Memories"! #monthsofmemories

Summer is just around the corner and I’m curious.. What are your childhood memories/moments of summer?

Let me know I’ll do a daily memorylane drawing based on your stories. You can post your memories here or e-mail me whatever you find more comfortable...

Also feel free to join in and draw yourself... end of the summer I'll make a post and put yours up here too :-)


If you wouldn't mind to add the following (I'm just so curious, but not nesessary):

  • Country (of the memory)
  • Year (of the memory, example 70's /80's /90's /00's or more recently)

Thank you!

I'll post them on instagram.