Past & Recent Events

Several things been happening lately one of is that I set up my Facebook Business Page. Here I post my artwork as well finished or in progress. I am so gratefull for all the people already following my work and their support!

Elizabet Vukovic Illustration Facebook Page

Second thing that happened an amazing arist named Guzz Soares has been making 3D models of two of my sketches. I am so honered that he considered my art. Here are two pieces he made of my illustration and sketch.

If you'd like to see more of his work you can visit:

Guzz Soares Facebook Page

Guzz Soares Art Station

And I'm not done yet, we have some catching up to do! So it probably hasn't lost your attention that I have an interest besides children book's illustration, namely animation. I am a huge fan of this field of creating that an opportunity arose to attend "The Master Lecture" presented by Wouter Tulp.

This happening in Rotterdam, my hometown, how could I not attend! With lectures from Wouter Tulp, Stephen Silver and John Nevarez, amazing artists in the animation industry. It was such an infomative and inspirational day, not one I'll forget anytime soon! Besides these awesome lectures I met so many great talented artists in all kinds of field of creating.

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