(JULY 2018)

Jasmine's best friend, Linnie, has just gotten a puppy. And now Jasmine wants a pet of her own―a flamingo!
So when her grandmother sends Jasmine a daruma doll as a surprise gift, Jasmine colors in one doll eye and wishes for a flamingo to keep.
Next, Jasmine tries to convince her parents that she’s responsible enough for a pet. She cleans her room, brushes her teeth, takes out the trash, and, most importantly, researches everything she can about flamingos.
But soon it becomes clear that her wish may never come true!
Will Jasmine's daruma doll ever get its second eye? Luckily her big sister, Sophie, has a surprise planned that fulfills Jasmine’s wish beyond her wildest dreams.
Debbi Michiko Florence is at her best in this sweet, special story of sisterhood and new responsibilities!


(APRIL 2018)

It’s talent show time at school, and eight-year-old Jasmine Toguchi is excited to show her stuff.
But as she thinks about her strengths—tree-climbing, mochi making, collage—none of them feel quite right to perform on-stage.
Jasmine’s friends already have a talent: Tommy yo-yo’s, Daisy dances, and Linnie plays piano.
Plus, Maggie Milsap (aka Miss Perfect) is saying she'll have the best talent.
When Jasmine’s mom introduces her to the taiko, a traditional Japanese drum,
 Jasmine finally finds an activity that feels just right. But will she be good enough at taiko in time to beat Maggie Milsap?
Join Jasmine as she discovers her talent—and the difference between being the best and trying your best.

I Wanna Be a Cowgirl

Grab your boots and spurs and hat—it’s time to be a cowgirl!

Way out west, the warm winds blow. The grass grows high, the sun hangs low. I’ll find a farm, there I’ll go, and I’ll become a cowgirl.

From sun up to sun down, the girl in this story pretends to be a cowgirl as she pulls on her (rain) boots, saddles up her (stick) horse, and gallops off through the (backyard) hills. Filled with humor and imaginative play, this sweet story from Angela DiTerlizzi captures the dream of zillions of little girls everywhere—the dream of being a cowgirl!


New chapter book series featuring a spunky Japanese-American heroine!
Eight-year-old Jasmine Toguchi is a flamingo fan, tree climber, and top-notch mess-maker!
— Debbi Michiko Florence


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