Boompje beestje


Boompje beestje translated from Dutch means Little tree little animal.


You'll find a beautiful collection of handmade greeting cards, notebooks, art prints, bookmarks and more gifty items that celebrate NATURE. We use the highest quality sustainable materials any art lover can appreciate and I make these myself with my sister using traditional screenprinting and bookbinding techniques with love, care and a slight obsession ;)

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Ocean animals like whale, orcas, shark, dolphins, stingrays and small fish in the sea illustration art.


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Boompje beestje, translated from Dutch "Little tree, little animal". 
Your nature inspired stationery & gift studi
o shop.

Boompje beestje is run by two overgrown kids and sisters Anna and Elizabet based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our love for nature and our crazy obsession with stationery & art sparked the creation of Boompje beestje, a cool studio shop. Our heartfelt purpose is to create everyday items that capture a playful nature, crafted with quality to become cherished keepsakes.

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